Saturday, November 19, 2011

Return of the dodgy photos

One of these days, I will completely figure out how my camera works, I'll get a tripod, and I'll be patient enought to wait around all day for the light to not be so glaringly bright. Today is not that day.

We've become the drop-leaf table store. This is the fourth one we have in the store right now. So if you're looking for a drop-leaf, we've got 'em. Really. Four of them. This particular one is a (likely) cherry gate-leg made by Statton Furniture. It also has two additional leaves (which bring the table to nearly 7' long) and those protector felt pads to keep it in good shape (not pictured). I couldn't track down an age for it, but it's still a gorgeous piece.

And just in this French & Heald Company 5-drawer maple dresser. It's really quite lovely in person, with intricate handles and dovetailed drawers. Another piece I can't properly date, though. There is a date stamp on the inside of one of the drawers, but it's terribly smudged.
I think it might say 18*3, but I can't be certain. The antiques business would be so much easier if every company ever had clearly marked and dated their items!

And lastly for the pictures, the display on one of the other drop-leaf tables. This one resides in the entryway, featuring a cubby box full of all sorts of things on the right and two American Tradition ironstone King Tom platters on the left. (You can see them better on Etsy here and here.)

And now really last - I've joined the Hebron Shop Local program that's started this month. Pick up your rewards card here or any other participating business, have it checked off at five different businesses, and turn it into the Town Hall for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate good at any participating business. Look for the orange cow sticker in the window of participating shops!

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