Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work in Progess

Welcome to "How much work did you put into that thing?!"

I've been meaning to do a before and after post detailing just how much effort goes in to repainting a piece of furniture. It really isn't all that easy, especially if you do it right! So I took several pictures of a painting job in progess, just to show all the steps we go through before a painted piece ends up in the store. Apologies for some of the pictures; I took them on my phone camera because that was the only one I had on hand at the time.

So remember this distressed white fireplace mantle?

It once looked like this. Yeah. That's paper stuck on to make it look like faux green marble. Yup. Aside from that, it had some other cosmetic issues close up, mostly on the top, and really, the piece needed a bit of help. To see how I did it, follow me after the jump:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Okay, not quite yet. But it almost feels like it with how warm this winter's been! I'll take this kind of winter anytime...at least until they spend the summer telling us we've got a drought because there was no snow to melt.

Anyway! With Valentine's passed, now's the time to get out the greens for St Patrick's Day and the pastels for Easter. Our greens aren't quite done yet, but here are some pictures of the other things we've been working on.

The mantlepiece is decked out with an azure shade of blue. We've got all sorts of pretty odds and ends - a cup that reads "Remember Me," a 1930s chrome dish, a 1940s Cambridge double candleholder. In the middle is a vintage blue glass basket designed by Fenton for Princess House (available here on Etsy).

Pastels behind the desk - milk glass and soft pinks and blues and jadeite green (lidded bowl available here and Fire King Jane Ray plates here).

Now for the big thing we've been doing...

Welcome to the bedroom! The room in the back of the store is a little odd - I've found out that it used to be an indoor pool for the motel that was here - and we always thought it'd be neat to set the whole thing up like an actual room. We've finally gotten to it with this bright little bedroom. It's a work in progress, as everything is, but the main bits are all here. Miraculously, no one's tried to jump on the bed yet. Though I've been very tempted to take a little nap, some days.

Lots of new things on Etsy as well, including:

File under "Things to Look Forward to," only a few more weeks until Hebron Maple Fest. So if you're in the area March 10th or 11th, stop in and say hello!