Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clearly I must be in a blogging mood this month, because this will be November's 6th post, as opposed to my usual 2 posts a month. Maybe I am getting better at this thing!

So we have the start of some Christmas display pictures, finally.

First, here's some from Debbie. A distressed green shelf, white dishes, bottle brush trees, and some cheery fun vintage Christmas ornaments. Some of these old ornaments are so neat - pinks and greens and glitter and shiny stripes. Love them!

Again from Debbie, some more traditional Christmas colors. A neat shabby old green dresser with a New England red shelf on the wall over it, with all sorts of other red, green, and white bits and bobs all over.

Unforunately, the picture doesn't really do this one justice; it's so pretty in person! First, a great old cedar chest on legs...the house call we got it from was frankly a little terrifying, I thought the attic floor might fall through and send us falling. But the cedar chest came down fine, and now it's here full of all sorts of things - on the right, this lovely 19th Century table, perfect as a side table or nightstand. On that, we've got a silverplate bowl with an acorn motif (a little out of season, perhaps, but still pretty). On the left, more silverplate nestled in a lit garland with poinsettias.

Now for some non-holiday stuff. I really love how this corner of the room came out. Here we've got a bookcase and vanity table painted the same gorgeous teal-y blue. On top of the bookcase sits a little old dresser, either doll-sized or a salesman's sample. Next to that is this cute glove holder - three clips shaped like pairs of gloves hold little white child's gloves.

Let's play a game! Here we've got a jar full of miniature billiard balls, more jars of game pieces, Bingo from the 1930s (on Etsy), and Elgo Plastics' American Skyline building set (on Etsy). On the second shelf, we have a vintage baby dish, some old baby clothes, and a set of child's toy china (on Etsy). On the floor, we've got a Radio Flyer bicycle with Teddy, a wagon, a teddy bear print, and in the corner there, an antique plank seat child's rocking chair.

And here's the vanity table, bench, and mirror. On the vanity, we've got a clear glass vanity box, two lipstick holders, a 1920s powder puff wand, an atomiser bottle, and a neat shabby half-doll lamp (on Etsy).

I've also got some holiday stuff up on Etsy now, like clip-on Christmas tree candleholders, a box of vintage candles, and some great old child's ice skates. And then there are these guys. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be some kind of odd fish, Christmas whales, or tomatoes with tails.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Small Business Saturday! If you haven't already, please do try to get out to a local business or two and help support your local economy!

Another big push to get the winter and Christmas things out today. It's still not photograph-worthy unforunately, but we've got lights and things up, so that's an improvement. One thing you never actually realize as a customer - you walk into a store and one day, it's suddenly covered in Christmas stuff like magic, but wow, yeah, it doesn't really appear all at once.

The main point to this post is to give a big thank you to Melodye Whatley, who came and gave us a lovely show with her bowed psaltery this afternoon.

It really is a beautiful instrument, and makes quite a lot of sound for such a little thing! If you'd to know more about the bowed psaltery and Melodye's work, check out the pdf version of her pamphlet here.

Also, a quick reminder, 1st Anniversary Sale next Saturday and Sunday! I'll be posting the Etsy coupon code at the end of the week, so keep an eye out for that here and on Twitter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Return of the dodgy photos

One of these days, I will completely figure out how my camera works, I'll get a tripod, and I'll be patient enought to wait around all day for the light to not be so glaringly bright. Today is not that day.

We've become the drop-leaf table store. This is the fourth one we have in the store right now. So if you're looking for a drop-leaf, we've got 'em. Really. Four of them. This particular one is a (likely) cherry gate-leg made by Statton Furniture. It also has two additional leaves (which bring the table to nearly 7' long) and those protector felt pads to keep it in good shape (not pictured). I couldn't track down an age for it, but it's still a gorgeous piece.

And just in this French & Heald Company 5-drawer maple dresser. It's really quite lovely in person, with intricate handles and dovetailed drawers. Another piece I can't properly date, though. There is a date stamp on the inside of one of the drawers, but it's terribly smudged.
I think it might say 18*3, but I can't be certain. The antiques business would be so much easier if every company ever had clearly marked and dated their items!

And lastly for the pictures, the display on one of the other drop-leaf tables. This one resides in the entryway, featuring a cubby box full of all sorts of things on the right and two American Tradition ironstone King Tom platters on the left. (You can see them better on Etsy here and here.)

And now really last - I've joined the Hebron Shop Local program that's started this month. Pick up your rewards card here or any other participating business, have it checked off at five different businesses, and turn it into the Town Hall for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate good at any participating business. Look for the orange cow sticker in the window of participating shops!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anniversary Sale & Open House 12/3 & 12/4

5 weeks, 3 days until Christmas! We've been slowly starting to pull out bits and pieces of the Christmas stuff for a while. I'm trying not to rush things and overwhelm the whole store (and myself) by putting out all the Christmas items at once. But they have to come in sooner rather than later!

Of course, whenever we do this much rearranging and such, I make a giant mess, like so:

I've got to get it all cleaned and picture-worthy up fast, because for the store's first anniversary, we'll be doing a sale and open house kind of thing! So if there's anything you've been dying to have, the first weekend of December, 15-20% off regularly priced items over $10, 20% off many items under $10, and an additional 10% off items already marked down. I'll also be running an Etsy coupon that weekend, to be announced later. So!

Willow Tree Antiques
Open House &
1st Anniversary Sale

Saturday, December 3rd &
Sunday, December 4th
10:00 - 5:00

Come, have some snacks, work on crossing a few items off that Christmas list, and celebrate our anniversary with us!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Now on Twitter!

No exciting pictures today, I'm afraid. All the news that's fit to print isn't so fit to photograph. :)

The main point of this post is to point the way to my new Twitter account: @WillowTreeAntqs. Unfortunately usernames can only be 15 characters and "WillowTreeAntiques" would've been 18, so we get a weird abbreviation there. Still, it works. Follow me for updates on new items both in the store and on Etsy, and whatever else strikes my fancy. @WillowTreeAntqs

Also new - new business cards! Which are just like the old ones, mostly. Except these have improved LARGE FONT for easier reading and a pretty full-color back with my email and URLs for the blog and Etsy. Now to use up the last chunk of the previous batch...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Here we go again...

Power outages! Panic in the streets! Pandemonium! Didn’t we just do this a couple months ago? Around six inches of snow here, so not quite that bad. The store got power back late Sunday afternoon, which is really good. I was worried for our namesake the willow, but it’s still standing, thank goodness.
Our pear tree at home wasn’t nearly so lucky, unfortunately. But we didn’t lose power there at all, so I suppose we dodged a bullet with that one.

But if this is a preview of what this winter’s going to be like, then the birds have the right idea – migrate south!

Some minor changes to the blog layout today as well. A couple new things in the sidebar, a couple things moved around. I've also stuck my Etsy banner at the top here just to give it a bit more color. I need to find something a little less glaringly white, I think.