Sunday, December 8, 2013

Check Out Our New Space!

Our friends at The Trove have expanded, and you can find Willow Tree Antiques in a new space in the expansion.

The Trove's expansion is in a separate building behind their first section, just down the driveway, next to the Electrical Wholesalers. You'll find my space along the back wall, to the right of the exit door. When you hit the booth with a ton of drawers, you've found me.

See? Drawers. I may have a bit of a problem. And some great vintage shutters with a conveniently seasonal pine tree cutout.

Here we've got a really, really awesome barrister bookcase. An antique Globe Wernicke with four traditional glass door sections and one double-door cabinet. Not really pictured, but the sides have beautiful copper fittings with a nice dark patina.

Inside we've got my sister's collection of vintage Nancy Drew books. And on top is a little New Year's collection: ice bucket, champagne flutes, and noisemakers.

To the right, an antique table in new white paint with a dark finish top. The poor thing was in rough shape and I was happy to rescue it. I also love the paint on this old dresser. A chippy green with tan drawers and a flower detail.

Here's a close up of the flowers.

On the dresser, we've got shiny stuff! A Cambridge Glass Co. epergne, mirrored vanity tray, a round antique copper tray, a little goldtone midcentury-style tray, and a pair of silver candleholders. Clearly taking pictures of lit lamps isn't my forte.

Hanging over the dresser, there's a great old picture frame in gold paint with this neat detail on the top.

This set of antique silhouettes are one of my favorite things in the booth. If they don't sell quickly, I won't be sad because they may make their way back home with me.

Continuing my other thing of "things with chippy paint," here's a bookcase in white and dark gray. From the bottom up, we've got vintage light up faux fireplace logs, various Limoges and Noritake china, a red wire market basket, and an adorable child's stool. "This little stool is mine / I use it all the time / To reach the things I couldn't / And lots of things I shouldn't!"

Moving up, we've got a sweet vintage toy rocker shaped like a swan, and a 1972 National Geographic globe and stand.

Back down guessed it, another chippy paint thing, this time a shelf.

And over to the table. This table is great, antique and made for small, old kitchens. Bright red paint on top and vibrant apple green on the legs, making it a great piece for Christmas.
I'm using these Victorian sewing drawers as shadow boxes for all sorts of little neat things: dog figurines, a silverplate coffee scoop, antique tin ice cream sample spoons, a brass snail, and a transferware bowl, among other things.

And again with the chipped paint! Turquoise in the kitchen cupboard with Pyrex butterprint bowls and dishes.

Detail of the cupboard to show off the neat aqua paint beneath the white.

And here's one of my other favorite things, this set of amazing old industrial drawers. Given their style, I'm guessing military from around WWII.

I made the little number labels to slip in.

And last but not least, let's take a look at these great antique sleigh bells on a leather strap.

17 old bells.

And that's all for today! Stop by The Trove and check out the space, or keep an eye on the Etsy shop as always.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Closing Sale May 1st-5th

Willow Tree Antiques
Store Closing Sale
Wednesday, May 1st through Sunday, May 5th
Furniture priced at final markdown
Everything else 50% off

As we come to our final week, we're getting ready for our big Store Closing Sale. All furniture will be marked at final price, while everything else will be half off. We'll be open for our regular hours (10-5 Tues-Sun), and we're still taking credit and debit cards through to closing.

So stop in for some great deals in our last few days!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Store Closing

I'm very sad to announce that Willow Tree Antiques will be closing its doors after Sunday, May 5th.

We've had a great couple years of fun and neat finds, but as our lease comes to an end, we've found that it's time to pursue other opportunities. But don’t worry too much; we’re not leaving the business by any means! We’ll soon be branching out to space in at least one local multi-dealer shop (announcement forthcoming), and our Etsy shop is always open.

Through May 5th, we’ll be open for our regular hours (10-5 Tues-Sun). Right now, enjoy 20% off all items in the store, with more discounts coming soon for our final week. Many of the store fixtures will be available for purchase as well.

And if you’ve been eying anything in the Etsy shop, you’re in luck. You can also receive 20% off everything there as well. Just enter coupon code SPRING20 at checkout, and Etsy will automatically discount your item’s price.

Lastly, I’d like to thank our customers and the Hebron community for all of their support over the past two and a half years. We couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Thank you all so very much,
Willow Tree Antiques, Owner