Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hope everyone who celebrates had a Merry Christmas! Now that the holiday's past, we've got discounts of 20-50% off all Christmas items.

A phone call yesterday reminded me that I was remiss in not posting my holiday hours here. That post got unfortunately lost in the Christmas rush. So for future reference, I’ve edited my basic information post to include a list of days we’re closed or close early.

In the ongoing saga of "Emily is not a photographer," I got a new camera for Christmas. I've gone from a 7 year old 4 megapixel behemoth (relatively speaking) to a slim little 16 megapixel with all sorts of interesting bells and whistles. So far, I’m quite pleased. Lovely color, easy to use, good performance in low light, gorgeous screen. Of course, that means I’ve been playing with my new toy incessantly for the past few days, trying out all the new features.

Clearly I need to practice some more if I’m going to be trying to take panoramic pictures.

You can see more of my test shots on these Etsy listings:

I’ve also spiffed up the entryway a bit for New Year’s celebrations.

Here we’ve got a whole bunch of vintage noise makers (also available on Etsy), an old silverplate ice bucket, a pair of Avon champagne flutes, a Reed & Barton silverplate bowl with red enamel inside, a silverplate butler’s tray, and a silverplate cocktail shaker (also available on Etsy).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

...And Now

And here are the pictures from the Anniversary Sale & Open House, after the jump. Readers with slow connections, beware, there are a lot of pictures here!

Now: Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

A "Then and Now" of Sorts

I've finally uploaded my pictures from the Anniversary Open House to the computer! Yeah, I'm running a bit late with that. Oops. But going through my folder of store pictures, I realized I still had a whole bunch of pictures from the Grand Opening last year which were never cleaned up or posted, so I figured I'd do them now for a little contrast. There's quite a few pictures between last year and this year, so I'll break it up into two posts. Firstly, the Grand Opening.

Two things to note:
- This isn't all the pictures. Quite a few were, shall we say...not so post-able. See my tag "photos are difficult".
- Wow, we have managed to fit in a lot more stuff over the year. Really. Wow.

So, after the jump, Then: Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Etsy Sale!

Okay, here we go! The promised Etsy Anniversary Sale coupon code:

Discount: 15% off everything
Active: Now through Sunday, 12/4

Just put the code in at checkout, and Etsy will apply the discount automatically.

Here's the link to my shop again: