Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Clearly I must be in a blogging mood this month, because this will be November's 6th post, as opposed to my usual 2 posts a month. Maybe I am getting better at this thing!

So we have the start of some Christmas display pictures, finally.

First, here's some from Debbie. A distressed green shelf, white dishes, bottle brush trees, and some cheery fun vintage Christmas ornaments. Some of these old ornaments are so neat - pinks and greens and glitter and shiny stripes. Love them!

Again from Debbie, some more traditional Christmas colors. A neat shabby old green dresser with a New England red shelf on the wall over it, with all sorts of other red, green, and white bits and bobs all over.

Unforunately, the picture doesn't really do this one justice; it's so pretty in person! First, a great old cedar chest on legs...the house call we got it from was frankly a little terrifying, I thought the attic floor might fall through and send us falling. But the cedar chest came down fine, and now it's here full of all sorts of things - on the right, this lovely 19th Century table, perfect as a side table or nightstand. On that, we've got a silverplate bowl with an acorn motif (a little out of season, perhaps, but still pretty). On the left, more silverplate nestled in a lit garland with poinsettias.

Now for some non-holiday stuff. I really love how this corner of the room came out. Here we've got a bookcase and vanity table painted the same gorgeous teal-y blue. On top of the bookcase sits a little old dresser, either doll-sized or a salesman's sample. Next to that is this cute glove holder - three clips shaped like pairs of gloves hold little white child's gloves.

Let's play a game! Here we've got a jar full of miniature billiard balls, more jars of game pieces, Bingo from the 1930s (on Etsy), and Elgo Plastics' American Skyline building set (on Etsy). On the second shelf, we have a vintage baby dish, some old baby clothes, and a set of child's toy china (on Etsy). On the floor, we've got a Radio Flyer bicycle with Teddy, a wagon, a teddy bear print, and in the corner there, an antique plank seat child's rocking chair.

And here's the vanity table, bench, and mirror. On the vanity, we've got a clear glass vanity box, two lipstick holders, a 1920s powder puff wand, an atomiser bottle, and a neat shabby half-doll lamp (on Etsy).

I've also got some holiday stuff up on Etsy now, like clip-on Christmas tree candleholders, a box of vintage candles, and some great old child's ice skates. And then there are these guys. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be some kind of odd fish, Christmas whales, or tomatoes with tails.

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