Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Long time, no post

Between cloudy weather, battery mishaps (did you know they make batteries that you can't use in digital cameras? Now I do!), etsy, and new displays, I've been getting behind here. Oops. Recently new to Etsy three neat old architectural pieces. The first one there is huge - almost four feet long! Also eight vintage tin noise makers. Frankly, taking pictures of those wasn't exactly fun; I felt like the clowns were staring at me the entire time. They'd be good if you want to scare small children.

As for new displays, the Hitchcock set from the previous post has sold and been replace with a lovely 1940s drop-leaf table.
The light in this room is wonderful, but boy does it reflect in pictures! Around the table are a pair of black ladder back chairs and a set of four chairs probably from around the 1940s. I love the combo of the coppery colors and off-white bowls on that shelf.
Here we have a 1920s solid mahogany drop-front desk. It's got some really nice detailing on the legs, an urn pattern. To the left is a 1950s three-drawer chest. Great size for a nightstand, and it has a really neat tan and brown leafy lining in the drawers. And yes, we've got a touch of Halloween here with black cats and an old sugar bowl that looks like a caldron.
Just in, a vintage round pine-topped table. On it we have a vintage shelf decorated with a Red Wing Bob White casserole and plate and a variety of Country Fair/Country Fare/whatever we're calling it today pieces. I love how the two patterns look together.
To the right of the table, an upcycled vintage mirror frame has been turned into a huge chalkboard. I like putting seasonal quotes on it, and inflicting my attempt at art on my customers. ;-) The chalkboard reads, "For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together. For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad," quote by Edwin Teale.

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