Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Fall!

Well, not officially, not for a bit yet. But schools are back in session, so it definitely counts. We've been busily working on getting more Fall colors in, and trying not to make a grand mess while doing so. Things are a work in progress, as always. But I snapped a few pictures for Craigslist earlier and figured I'd throw them up here as well.

A Hitchcock dining set, just recently in. Includes a table with two leaves and six chairs. This thing is big - just over 7 feet long with the leaves in. It's set with Johnson Brothers Indian Tree pattern plates, some clear Depression glass dessert cups, vintage embroidered hand towels in place of napkins, and a set of Supreme silverplate silverware.

The main piece of this display is a cabinet handmade by a carpenter from East Hampton. I got it from his daughter, who said he'd made it somewhere around 1900 - 1910. It looks to us like he'd put it together from pieces of other things - the front is flame mahogany, the shelves are walnut, and the top is another kind of wood entirely. To the left of that is this great old stand. In person, it's this neat green-gray color.

Debbie brought us this vintage hutch refinished in a neat shabby white. 'Tis the season for apple picking!
And the fireplace. That old barn beam mantle is still one of my favorite parts of the building. :) On the right, we have a wing chair, not old, but in great shape and really comfy. The hearth is full of crocks, a pair of old andirons, and a copper and brass fire extinguisher (which I think still has some of the liquid inside...). We've done the mantle in leafy reds and ambers along with these pretty muted teal-blues. And in the never-ending saga of me and photography, of course I took about twelve pictures of the mirror that ended up with the emergency exit sign reflected in them. ;-)

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